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REVIEW: Batman Nightwalker by Marie Lu

“Tell me noble Bruce, what would you have done if your parents had been shot not by some random burglar but murdered by an upstanding doctor? If you were orphaned in the ghetto instead of in your gated neighbourhood? If you weren’t so rich and white and famous? Would you be the same person you are today? Or would you see justice differently? Do you think we all walk through the world with the same privileges as you?” Let me start on a positive note, I love Marie Lu’s writing style. Okay, I think that’s it. Seriously, this book is just meh. If it didn’t have the name Batman on it, I would have thought it was some unoriginal origin story of a superhero. Actually, it is just that but with batman slapped on the front. I liked the fact that she tried to put a spin on the origin story of Bruce Wayne but when you know the story, new spins don’t cut it. I just read through it to get to the end, if it wasn’t apart of the icons series, I wouldn’t have got it. The other books have been great but this one just let it down. And honestly, I got this book to complete the collection that I have of the beautiful UK hardcovers. I love my comics but this just wasn’t it. Sorry, not sorry.

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