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#KingandQueenTour: Meeting Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

So my journey started a couple of months ago when it was announced that Cassie Clare and Holly Black were going on tour in the U.K. I leaped for joy and hoped that I could get tickets. And I did. On the 7th December, I bought my ticket and it finally started to sink in that I was going to meet two of the Queens of YA.

Cut to Wednesday 20th February. The day of the actual signing. I was overjoyed and could not wait to get into Central London. Because I couldn’t wait, I went into central to go do a little bit of a shopping spree. Which ended up being three bags and a pair of shoes. But anyway, I then went to the place where the signing was being held, St. James Church Piccadilly. At the time that I went, it was 5:30pm and there was a queue even at that time. I couldn’t believe it. Although it was hardly surprising considering how widespread their fame is. But we waited until 6:30pm to be let in as we were meant to start at 7pm. Instead, we started 15 minutes late. And because of that everything was delayed.

The talk was fantastic, the friendship and the banter that these two authors have is simply astonishing. The way they talked about killing cats in their books were hilarious. Eventually we got to fan questions and some of the questions were amazing. We talked about how they planned their books out. Holly Black stated that she plans everything... and then realises she is wrong where as Cassandra Clare is a meticulous planner and follows her plan. Holly stated that it was a breath of fresh air when she started to write the Magisterium series with Cassie as it was all planned. Every beat, every twist and turn was planned. But she couldn’t stick to her plans for her own books. My highlight of the night was when Cassie Clare talked about a piece of fan art from the Folk of Air series by Holly. It was a piece of Madoc from the series; he is depicted as kind of old in the book, but yet in this fan art he is seen as having a six-pack. Cassie was glad of this but yet very disturbed by it also.

Overall it was such a fun night and I nearly sobbed when I met the pair of them. I had so much fun talking to new people and started to know more people in the book community.


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