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Life Update & Moving Out Unhaul.

Hey guys,

I've been low key busy and scheduling posts for quite a few weeks. Who knew right? Firstly, my birthday has just been and I'm now 23 years old which to be honest feels no different to being Twenty Two and secondly, I started the process of moving out. This is because my Boyfriend and I was getting ready to move in together into this gorgeous flat. And this was very daunting to me. Having to pack my childhood bedroom up and move in with somebody who has just as much stuff as I do. Which meant having to unhaul quite a few things a long the way... including my books.

This unhaul was actually very good for me, knowing that i'd never read these books again. Majority of them being very young YA series that were so hyped up at the time that I had to read them. Like the Matched Series by Ally Condie or The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner. At this point in time, the types of books that I read has significantly changed from back when I read these series. It's always good to do a big unhaul whenever you can to be honest as it limits the amount of clutter that you have to clear up or the amount of dust you have to clean from your bookshelves. Either way, I'm happy about what books I have unhauled.

At some point within the next month or so, I intend to do a blog post about How I arranged my bookshelves so please stick around to see that.

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