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Yiannimize Grand Tour 2019.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

As you might have noticed, I haven’t exactly been the greatest with posting lately. That’s mainly because I went on holiday and came back and basically since then my life has been crazy. But this is my blog post to say what actually happened on the Yiannimize Grand Tour 2019.

So this tale begins in August 2018 when my boyfriend, Yulin, got his mini wrapped by Yiannimize. Unfortunately, very soon after that he crashed his car. He wasn’t harmed but the car was so it was safe to say that majority of the wrap came off the car. In February 2019, he got the car re wrapped and it is there that we begin our journey.

Yulin being a repeat customer at Yiannimize was one of the first people outside of yiannimize to know about the tour and so he signed up there and then. A month before we went on the tour, there was a point that we didn’t think we could go due to other commitments but we made it work by deciding to come back home to London halfway through the tour and then join them again later the next day.

So here we are, the tour finally begins on Saturday 22nd June. We fly out to Malaga and finally begin our journey. Marbella was a gorgeous place and even though our uber driver got us lost, I was thankful for that because we got to see some amazing places just by chance. We stayed in the Villa Padierna Marbella, which was a stunning 5 star hotel. By all means, this was a luxury holiday and tour. We only stayed at each destination one night except for Barcelona, which had two days. Then the next day was when the real fun begins, we started driving towards Valencia. Marbella to Valencia was the longest drive that we had on the tour. It was a 7-hour drive. We finally arrived in Valencia and so we sat and had dinner and Yulin got a bit drunk. We found out there was a funfair right by the hotel so went on a couple of rides and enjoyed ourselves.

From Valencia we went to Barcelona where we stayed for two days. Barcelona was one of the biggest cities on the tour. This is because, yiannimize grand tour pulled out all the stops and got 50 cent to join us for this section of the tour. When we arrived in Barcelona, one of the first stops that we made was to the mountains. Everybody got all of their cars up the winding roads and that is when we saw the gorgeous view of Barcelona and eventually met up with 50 cent. From the mountains we went to the hotel where a lot of people were waiting to see the cars make a big entrance. And it was amazing. It made me feel so cool and pretty famous. We stayed in the Hotel Arts Barcelona for two days. The rest day that we had involved me staying by the pool and relaxing in the sun. It was amazing just to be in the sun and soaking it up. Even if it was a bit too much for my body.

That night we went back to London for the other commitments that I had previously mentioned. But

something I have not mentioned up until this point is that the car started to have something wrong with it. The first day that we started on the tour, the turbo boost pipe came off as it wasn’t fit properly when the car went in for a check just before we went on the tour and in addition to this, the front tyre valve was leaking air, both of these things eventually got fixed in Geneva but for now, we had to get a temporary solution whilst we were back in London, and that was getting an electric tyre pump. When we flew back to Barcelona, the tyre was flat so I’m so grateful that we did get that pump. We got back into Barcelona at 1am and from there we had a 3 and a half hour drive to Montpellier. We didn’t get there until 7am because Yulin was so tired and couldn’t drive for long so we stopped in service stations and slept. At 9am we left Montpellier for Geneva. These days were some of the best of my life.

We stayed in the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. As previously said, we finally got the car fixed. The car was fixed by Mini Geneva and the tyres were fixed by Pneusengros SA. Pneusengros SA was right across from the hotel. It was basically just our luck that it could be so close so we got the tyres fixed before we headed out to Paris. Paris was one of the best cities on the tour this was because of the view from the hotel. The hotel though, was one of the worst on the tour. The Hotel Hyatt Etoile Paris was honestly the worst; the underground parking was filled with mosquitos and the hotel although one of the biggest we stayed in just didn’t sit on par with the other hotels. It was crowded and way too many people were there. The view from the hotel bar though was the only thing that saved this experience of this hotel.

The next day we set out for the Eurostar and for the first time on this tour, we could finally catch up with the big boys in the supercars and created a convoy, this meant majority of the cars stayed together down the motorway. We eventually get on the Eurostar and within 30 minutes or so we were back on home turf, which was great. The heat was still with us because it was the time of the heat wave in June so the weather was gorgeous and we could have the roof down whilst travelling through London.

We got to the final meeting place, which was the Pal Mal in central London and had all the cars lined up for the finale of the tour. That night, instead of coming home to our flat, we enjoyed our final night of the tour in the May fair hotel. To say that this was an experience would be under describing the tour. It was something more than that. Although it had it some downs, it also had a lot of ups as well. I am so thankful for this tour because I have no words for it apart from the ones I wrote on this page of course. Yiannimize Grand Tour 2019 was awesome.

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