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REVIEW: Kasie West Reading Round Up!

Fame Fate and The First Kiss:

Kasie West always produces these easy fun and romantic reads. This is why I love to read her books; they are not complicated. After reading a high fantasy or something that has a complex storyline, I love to take a break from that and read something light and fluffy and for me, that is Kasie West.

We start our story with our main protagonist Lacey Barnes. Lacey dreamed of being an actress since she was growing up and now is her chance. That dream is finally coming true. So when she gets the opportunity to star in a big Hollywood film, she jumps at the chance. Lacey learns that having friends and family around you when being in the spotlight makes it so much better. When she joins her co-stars into some mischief and mayhem, things seem to get on the fun side but then to keep her grounded is her Dad. Her Dad has hired a tutor for Lacey who is anything but fun. But as time goes on they begin a friendship that is key to her survival in the world of films and fashion.

This book takes you on a cutesy ride of love, friendship and romances. It is an easy and light read to just enjoy and take time into. After all, who doesn’t love a good romance.

4 out of 5 stars.

Maybe This Time:

As we enter reading yet another Kasie West book, we have our main character Sophie who is struggling to make ends meet. She lives in a small town in Alabama and is desperate to get out. She wants to go to design school in New York but in order to get there; she needs money. So she works in the local florists/party planner. Her best friend’s father runs most of the events held within the town so the bonus is that they get to spend time together whilst also working. Micah, the best friend, her dad’s small catering company is chosen for a small business mentorship programme run by none other celebrity chef Jeff Hart. Jeff Hart’s son, Andrew is therefore dragged to this tiny town. Due to the nature of Sophie’s work, Andrew, Micah and Sophie end up spending a lot of time together. Andrew and Sophie rub each other the wrong way and get annoyed at each other constantly but they soon realise that they actually like each other due to this. It takes a big fight with Micah for Sophie to realise what she is missing out on and she takes a look at herself as a way to re channel her energy into her design portfolio and what truly matters to her.

This is a hate to love romance. This is honestly what I had been craving at the time. You feel what the characters feel. You fall in love with Andrew through Sophie’s eyes even when he is super annoying, As always Kasie West’s writing is easy to follow and light and breezy. This is one of the main reasons why I constantly pick up her books. It just gets me through a reading slump when it hits.

4 out of 5 stars.

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