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REVIEW: Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman&Jay Kristoff ✨

Aurora Rising:

Aurora Rising is the latest tale from Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. We open our story to Ty Jones who is an Alpha in training. An Alpha is a team leader of the space ship. Ty Jones is one of the best students at the Aurora Academy so has first pick at the perfect crew. Unfortunately for him, he misses his chance to choose his crew when he goes out on a lone mission and finds a survivor of a missing vessel in a cyro tank. Ty Jones saves this person. Enter Aurora, he is the one that she rescues. She awakes and finds out that she never arrived at her destination and that the future has hidden the true reason behind this mission.

As Ty didn’t pick his teammates, he is assigned the leftovers. This team consists of Kal, Zila, Fin, his sister Scarlet and his best friend Cat. Cat maybe a tiny bit in love with him. Unrequited love afterall. Their first mission is given to them, delivering supplies to refugees. A fairly easy task for such a crew, but that’s when they realise, their mission is not what they thought it was. They have a stowaway on board in the form of Aurora, now known as Auri. Their mission is something far bigger than they expected. They need to get Auri away to safety as somebody is after her.

Auri’s memories slowly and surely come back to her whilst her and the crew get into some chaos throughout the galaxy. It seems like the whole galaxy is after her. But what she can’t understand is why the records show that her original mission was never to go to Octavia III but instead another planet. It turns out this piece of information is crucial. It is revealed that the people that are after her are actually the people from the colony on Octavia III but they have been over taken by an entity known as Princeps. They look lifeless with a plant growing out of the eye sockets. It’s been 200 years since Auri went missing so obviously all of the people on the colony died but their bodies were overtaken. Auri is revealed to have powers granted by the Ancient ones to stop the princeps. Unfortunately we lose one of our crew members in the fight with the princeps and they become overtaken by the hive mind of the beings. They tell the rest of them to go and leave and that she loves them all.

Our adventure will continue in the next book but we are left realising that the ancient ones have a bigger plan for Auri and her crew and that they need to face their new enemy: The Ra’haam.

This book was such a rollecoaster ride. I will always love Amie and Jay’s writing especially when they write together. I was so excited when they announced that they were doing another series together and honestly their writing is so great. I read both the Illuminae chronicles and Aurora Rising in both audiobook and physical book. Each of these ways give a different meaning the book. The audiobook is given a full cast of characters meaning that somebody different voices each character. This means that you can enjoy the experience more and really get invested in the characters in a way that the written text does not.

Overall this was such a great book. 4 out of 5 stars.

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