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REVIEW: DaisyJones&TheSix by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Daisy Jones and the Six:

Daisy Jones and the six is a novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid. You may know Reid from her 2018 hit, Sevens Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Evelyn Hugo was a massive hit and fans were eager to read her next hit. This would turn out to be Daisy Jones and The Six.

Daisy Jones and The Six follows the band called the Six and hit singer Daisy Jones as they join forces to create some rock songs in 1970s America. We follow The Six from when they are created to the joining of Daisy and then through the fame and fortune. The titular character, Daisy, is a singer who is trying to make her way in the big wide world of the music industry. She hooks up with different guys, drinks and takes drugs but one night, a manager Hank, discovers her and gets her a record deal. Unfortunately for her, her album is only semi successful and her record company won’t allow her to sing her own stuff anymore. Enter The Six. Hank the manager is already managing a band called the Six. The band consists of Billy, Graham Karen, Warren, Eddie and Pete. In order to get Daisy more into the mainstream, Hank decides to join the two together and suggest that they do a duet. So Billy, the frontman and singer of the Six and Daisy Jones join forces to sing ‘Honeycomb’, a song that they wrote together.

Whilst Daisy was getting her start, The Six had theirs. With their first album being such a hit. Billy Dunne, started going out with his then girlfriend later wife Camila and they struggled a lot whilst he was constantly on tour. When he was on tour, he struggled with a drug and alcohol problem, which causes him many problems. He later finds out that Camila is pregnant and tries to get sober for their family. This is where our beloved Daisy comes in. Camila is the one that gets Billy to take a chance on Daisy and he eventually invites Daisy to join the band after ‘Honeycomb’ becomes such a hit.

The rest of the novel follows Daisy and the Six throughout their struggles with being a band in the 1970s. As well as Daisy and Billy’s love to hate and hate to love relationship. Billy loves Daisy but it would make things complicated with Camila and knows that he would never be able to survive with Daisy. Even Camila can see what Daisy does to him. Daisy eventually meets up with Camila and decides that she must leave the band for both herself, and Billy and his family. She hopes Billy eventually forgets about her and gets over his drug problem.

This is when it is revealed that the person who is telling this story is Julia Dunne, Billy and Camila’s daughter. Camila regrets asking Daisy to leave the band because she knew that Billy loved Daisy more than her but in the end, Daisy and everybody was better for it as they got their lives on track including Daisy. Daisy got her addiction under control and went to rehab.

This book is told in an interview style. This is an unusual way of telling a story and as such had Reid’s fans even more intrigued by it. Because of the way the story is told; people have found that the audiobook is a much more interesting way of taking this story in. The audiobook has a full cast of characters meaning that somebody different voices each character so you really get to hear the differences in which way a character talks. And as such, you become much more involved in the story than on text in a physical form. Reid has stated that she wrote it this way was because ‘the reason why I did it is because, when I thought of books about music, it’s incredibly difficult to describe music… So I wanted it to feel as real as possible. I wanted you to feel immersed in it, and not like you were reading fiction, but like you were there.’

5 out of 5 stars.

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