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REVIEW: The Kane Chronicles: Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan.

Red Pyramid:

In this book, we follow Egyptian mythology. Enter the Kane family. The Kane family are descended from both Pharaohs and magicians of ancient Egypt. But not all the members of the Kane family know that part yet. The youngest members of the Kane family, Carter and Sadie do not know this little fact just yet.

We begin our story with Carter and Sadie being separated, Sadie living with their maternal grandparents after their mother died, and Carter living with their father, traipsing across the world. We go to London to meet up with Sadie and their father takes them to the British Museum where he tries to bring Osiris, the God of the Underworld, into our world. His magic though, also brings side effects of summoning other Gods, which include, Horus, Isis, Nephthys and the chaos God, Set. This alerts other magicians, as it is illegal in the magic community. Set captures their father, Julius, and declares he wants to become king of the World. Unknowingly, Carter and Sadie become host to the released Gods, Horus and Iris. Julius has Set within him.

Their uncle Amos, takes them away from the scene of the crime and tells them that they must defeat Set. The mansion that they are staying in is then attacked by some of Set’s missions. With the help of Sadie’s cat Muffin, who happens to be the Goddess Bast, they escape to Cairo. Once there, they train to be magicians until the leader, Iskandar dies and the new leader, Michel, orders their deaths for illegally using the Gods. They must run on whilst also trying to figure out how to defeat Set.

Chaos ensues but eventually they stop Set but decide not to kill him because there is an enemy much bigger than Set looming, Apophis, a much more powerful God of Chaos. Unfortunately, their father dies whilst being a host for Set, however, he reunites with their mother in the underworld and he becomes host to Osiris as he is recently deceased. Carter and Sadie decide that they must recruit other magicians to illegally study the path of the Gods as their elders are against it still after everything that has happened. But to stop Apophis, they must do everything they can including teaming up with Horus and Isis once again.

As always with Rick Riordan, his writing is entertaining to the very last word on the page. He keeps me interested in every single plot detail. I know this book, isn’t for me in terms of demographic but I truly think that Riordan’s writing is for all ages that enjoy a bit of adventure.

4 out of 5 stars.

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