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REVIEW: DEVIATE by Jay Kristoff

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Deviate is the sequel to lifelike. In Lifelike we follow our protagonist, Eve who is a lifelike but doesn’t actually know it as she has been implanted with new memories. When she awakes another lifelike, Ezekiel, he knows her, he tells her that her name is Ana and that she is the daughter of the scientist that created him. Eventually she finds out that she is not the real Ana and that the real Ana died and Ana’s memories were put into Eve.

This is where our story left of, and where we will pick it back up. Eve joins her new lifelike family and starts revolting against humans who created her. Unfortunately, Eve starts to take a backseat in this book to allow other characters to shine more. Lemon Fresh, Eve’s best friend, takes a more central role in this book. Eve is off in her own adventure, so we follow Lemon Fresh throughout hers.

Lemon Fresh is the one with the abilities that were explored in the first book. People with certain abilities are called deviants. She is left in a vulnerable place due radiation sickness and is separated from Ezekiel and Cricket. Cricket being her logika. Cricket gets robot napped by the brotherhood to fight against other robots. But during this time he learns that the laws of robotics can be easily bent to match what the robot wants. So if somebody gave an order to shut down, that person didn’t specify for how long so he shuts down then 30 seconds later can wake up. It was these kinds of things that he learnt to bend the rules for. Lemon Fresh is nearly taken by the same people that took Cricket. Luckily she wasn’t as the Brotherhood despises deviates. So thankfully people just like her rescue her.

Whilst this is going on, Ezekiel is struggling over his love for Eve or the real Ana. His heart is stretched both ways. He decides he must try and find the real Ana who is hidden away whilst on life support.

To be honest, I wasn’t really keen on this book as I was the first. I was more interested in the story that Jay Kristoff had started of Eve and I wanted that to continue and instead we got Lemon Fresh. I was slightly disappointed by this. However, I still loved this book because Jay himself wrote it.

4 out 5 stars.

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