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REVIEW: A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Kingdom of Flesh and Fire picks right back up after the ending of From Blood and Ash with Poppy finding herself surrounded by Atlantians and Wolves. Spoilers from the first book here guys! Hawke turned out to be the one and only Prince Casteel, also known as the Dark one. Poppy was falling for him but it only turned out that he wanted to use her to get his older brother back from the Ascended. However, after starting to fall in love with Poppy, it is revealed that she is half atlantian and so they decide to take her to Atlantia so that she can explore her powers and also so they can get married! Throughout the novel, Poppy tries to piece together why the Ascended wanted her and why they lied to her all of these years and did they know that she was half atlantian?

Poppy has gone her entire life being told what to do so when Hawke tells her what to do as well, she is not having any of it even if they are both falling for one another. Atlantia has started to become unrestful as they await for their prince to become king and whispers of war are looming. Atlantians may fear Poppy but she might be their only way of winning the war after all as her Atlantian powers are becoming stronger and stronger.

Okay so without trying to spoil, I do have to say that cliffhanger was mind boggling. I truly cannot wait to read the next one as I was simply stunned by it. It totally makes sense as to why Poppy is the way that she is and why the Ascended would want her on their side. But they took the things that she values most, her family and her freedom so no wonder why she aligns herself with the atlantians who tell her the truth of the monstrous ascended. Now with Hawke, this means she can be her own person and find what may be her path to freedom and lead herself. This sequel is even more thrilling than From Blood and Ash and just ups the stakes. It is bigger and badder than ever and I can’t wait to enjoy and read the next book.

5 out of 5 stars.


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