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REVIEW: Infinity Son by Adam Silvera

Infinity Son follows two brothers, Emil and Brighton who are growing up in New York. In this world that Adam Silvera has created, there are spell walkers. Spell walkers are a group of vigilantes born with powers and their aim is to rid the world of Specters. Specters take the powers whereas Spell Walkers are born with them. Specters are endangering many different magical creatures so this makes the Spell Walkers angry and now they vow to rid the world of them. The two of the brothers are so different from one and another and have differing views but they both dream of being celestials. Brighton wishes he had the power so he could join the fight but Emil would use the power to just finish the fighting. Though they have differing views, the brothers stick together, even though sometimes they couldn’t have been further apart.

But then suddenly one day, potion dealers attack them; Emil discovers that he has his own powers. He has the phoenix fire within him. Brighton being the social media guru that he is films the interaction and propels Emil to stardom. Due to this power of the Phoenix Fire, Emil finds himself right in the middle of the fight between the specters and the spell walkers. Brighton is pretty envious that Emil is where he is. Brighton wanted this and not Emil. Emil hates being in the spotlight where Brighton always wanted it. Brighton makes his feeling pretty well known throughout his POVs.

To be honest, the only semi decent character in this novel is Emil and even then he whines about being in the middle of this war and having this power thrust upon him. At least he isn’t as bad as Brighton. As a debut fantasy novel for Silvera, it was a decent book but I wouldn’t have said it was the best thing that he has ever written. Though I love Silvera, I wish he could have done more with this premise but considering that this was his first delve into fantasy, I understand it more. He also had issues with the pacing of the book, it felt like the major points of the book were just rushed and felt too quick. The world building just didn’t feel right and there was definitely a lack of it. The hype of the book meant this book was lack lustre and I just wanted more from Silvera.

Overall this gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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