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REVIEW: Kingsbane by Claire Legrand

We begin the sequel to Furyborn with Rielle doing a goodwill tour throughout the realm as she has now been pronounced the Sun Queen. She is berated by a mother for not bringing her daughter back to life like she did with Ludivine, but these people do not know the truth behind it all. Rielle and Audric begin to get even closer and rumours start to spread about them. Corien starts to talk to Rielle once again and she begs him not to but that doesn’t happen. Ludivine takes control of her mind so that they can get her away from Corien and Rielle ends up being furious because of this. Ludivine promises not to do it again unless utterly necessary.

In the previous book, Navi was injured and isn’t getting any better. Zahra appears and tells Eliana about a black market tonic that could help Navi. They agree that they will go but Eliana must prove to her that she is strong enough to defend herself and is disciplined with her power. Zahra starts to train her and believes that the magic that now runs in her veins could be enough to stop the Emperor. Eliana is telling Harkan what has happened since they have last seen each other and Remy overhears Eliana admitting that she killed their mother and now he will no longer speak to her.

Back in the past, Rielle tries to repair the gate and it doesn’t work. She is left speechless and tries to figure out what is going on with her magic. Rielle states that maybe she isn’t stong enough right now, but she might be one day. Rielle is being plaqued with thoughts from Corien and so seeks Audric’s comfort to get away from him. She spends her nights in Audric’s arms but when she falls asleep, spends her dreams with Corien. Ludivine tells her that she is playing a dangerous game and Audric knows that something is going on with her, even if he can’t place what. Rielle asks Corien to join her in her sleep, she finds out that he has been watching her and knows what she likes sexually, this thought disgusts her and so she pushes him away.

Eliana is eventually able to catch the ceiling on fire and Zahra agrees to take her to the black market. Zahra senses another wraith near by and so they have to hurry. Eliana grabs 18 vials of the antidote and takes them all. Simon scolds her for sneaking away and reminds her that her life is worth more than theirs, she is their only hope at this point and she cannot risk her life anymore like she used to. The antidote works and Navi is getting better thankfully.

Rielle sneaks away to meet Corien but when Audric finds out he is furious. He doesn’t know that they have kissed but he is just angry that she went out and put herself in danger. A nearby village is burning and not wanting to be delayed, she rushes ahead of Audric and Ludivine. She stops the fire but Corien entices her to use more powerful magic and she tries to save a burned man but it goes horribly wrong. Rielle tells off Corien for making her do that but he tells her, she has to learn some way.

After being attacked by some beasts sent possibly by Corien, Simon reveals that Eliana power has opened his back up. He can see a time travel thread and holds It before it eventually disappears. Eliana and Simon eventually cuddle up together and discuss the day that has just happened. Eliana and Simon train together so that they can control their abilities as Simon has been without his for so long. Remy suggests that they re create the scenario where she was healing Remy and that’s when Simon’s magic threads came back. Eliana heals some wounds on Simon and his magic comes back to life once again. They eventually sleep with each other but deny their love for one another when they wake up. His powers are starting to become stronger once again and it’s nearly time for him to send Eliana back to the past to try and stop her mother.

People start to call Rielle the blood queen for all of her actions. Ludivine is starting to feel worse and worse by the day and her condition is becoming bad by the day. Ludivine’s ability to protect Rielle from Corien is being interfered with due to the illness and Audric starts to fear for the both of them. Rielle uses her healing ability to try and heal ludivine, it starts to work and makes her feel better. Queen Genovere is not a huge fan of Rielle being with her son so when she rushes from the banquet hall and Rielles runs after her, she bursts through the glass doors and jumps over the balcony. Rielle speaks to Corien as she knows that he is the one that did this to Genovere. Rielle resurrects her but her first words back from the dead tell her that she should have been left dead.

Audric finds out that Rielle kissed Corien, she tries to explain it away and hopes it works but Audric knows that Corien is manipulating her anyway and stays with her. Rielle awakes in her sleep and finds that she cannot go back to bed and so flies away on Atheria to escape. Corien eventually joins her but vanishes shortly after. That’s when Eliana arrives. Eliana tells her that she is her daughter but Rielle just thinks that this is a mind game from Corien. He assures Rielle that he has nothing to do with it. They fight and Eliana doesn’t get to deliver the message to Rielle, Corien enters her head and she tries to keep her secrets from him the best she can. She flees and yells at Simon to close the gate. He


Rielle goes to Garver to see if she is pregnant and indeed she is. She thinks about what the true meaning behind that vision really was and whether it was true. Audric is crowned King after his mother is deemed not of a safe mind and now as soon as they marry, Rielle will be Queen.

In the future, we find Simon and Eliana trying to get used to the differences in the world as they have changed the past. Nothing seems to be to amiss but that’s only what they are thinking for now. It is revealed that Simon is working for Corien all of this time and she wonders whether them changing the past has anything to do with it. Simon takes her to Corien along with her brother Remy. Remy is there so that she will comply with Corien. He leaves her to wallow and think about this betrayal.

Back in the past, Rielle and Audric finally have their wedding day when it is revealed that Rielle killed both of their fathers. Angry, Audric says somethings to Rielle that he doesn’t mean but this causes her to leave him and flee with Corien. Audric wants to go after her but Ludivine says that she is a lost cause now and there is nothing that they can do. But Audric will never give up on Rielle, no matter what but for now, he has to flee his own country because of what Rielle did.

This book was truly phenomenal. I loved all the twists and turns even if they were a bit predictable. Of course, the past changes when you go back in time. Eliana was stupid to think that Simon wasn’t going to be changed as Corien did read her mind after all. He saw what happens in his future and so sets about changing it so that he can win. The relationship between Simon and Eliana blossoms in this book and now because of this betrayal, I wonder what will be in store for them next.

4 out of 5 stars.


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