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REVIEW: Lightbringer By Claire Legrand

Lightbringer follows on from Kingsbane where we have received a massive betrayal in the form of Simon. Simon has betrayed Eliana by giving her over to Emperor Corien. Eliana is now held captive by Corien but she must find a way to stop him getting to his beloved Rielle who is also her mother. Corien wants her to restore Simon’s powers but she is denying to do so which makes Corien angry. Her refusal means that she is subjected to torture mentally and physically. This means that Corien visits her in her dreams and makes them feel very real to her and she sees many of her loved ones die by his hands in these dreams. She starts to question reality because of this.

Her reality starts to become clearer when she starts hearing a voice. Thinking it might be Corien playing tricks on her again, she is reluctant to trust this voice but when she realises that this voice is truly on her side in this dreaded war, she begins to trust it once again.

Meanwhile, Rielle’s story is just beginning once again. She is fleeing the heartbreak that Audric has caused her and goes towards the darkness and into Corien’s arms. Rielle feels hurt and feels like she can trust Corien despite all of the wrong doings he has done. Whereas, Audric is completely destroyed by the revelation that she has done this and is truly apologetic about the way he mistreated her in the first place. Audric vows to get Rielle out of Corien’s hands and back in his arms.

The true identity of the voice that Eliana has been speaking to is revealed and maybe there are second chances at life for all of the characters involved in this war. The voice gives both Rielle and Eliana a chance at altering the events that have happened so that their actions do not lead to the destruction of many.

Lightbringer concludes an amazing trilogy written by Claire LeGrand. Legrand delivers a style of writing that flows easily when being read, it is not too complicated or too flowery and gets the reader to understand the point that is being put across to them. The complicated relationships that our two main leads have, drives the book forward in plot and suspense and I loved that we explored this throughout the trilogy as a whole. And as such, I believe that Legrand delivered a well thought out plot which is full of intricate storylines that have been wrapped up well in this last book.

4 out of 5 stars.


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