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REVIEW: Poetry Round Up 2

Instagram Poetry for Every Day by the National Poetry Library:

Instagram poetry for Every Day is a collection of poems collected by the National Poetry Library. This anthology looks at how modern poetry exists and it’s link to social media. Poetry is thriving in the day and age of social media by creating intricate but compelling words to string along a sentence. This book looks at different examples of how Instagram and people that are known as Instagram Poets write their poems, which are short but get to the point. This book is really for the modern day art of poetry.

3 out of 5 stars.

Burn the Fairy Tales by Adeline Whitmore:

When I was reading this, it was honestly something I needed to give me a bit of empowerment following this pandemic. This was during a time that I felt extreme anxiety and it gave me something that I was lacking during that moment.

One of my favourite passages from this book is:

“they don't understand the enormous strength it takes

to just exist as a woman on a day to day basis

you are so much stronger than they will ever give you credit for

you are a woman you are

you are strong you are beautiful you are amazing

you will meet the challenges in your life

you will rise above the pain

you are everything ”

This book of poetry really added to my love of modern poetry, something that I tend to seek out when I feel like I’m missing something during that moment. It makes me put a pause on my life and to truly think about the world we live in and how people view it.

4 out of 5 stars.

Nineteen by Mackenzie Campbell:

Nineteen is a collection of poems by Mackenzie Campbell. It follows Mackenzie at age nineteen whilst writing this book and follows her journey with love, loss and heartbreak as she tries to figure out which emotions are which. I love modern poetry so when I saw this on netgalley, I knew I had to read and review this book. My favourite quote from this poetry collection would have to be “Focus on the OPPORTUNITIES not the OBSTACLES and see how your mindset CHANGES. The answers you are looking for are within yourself run to a mirror, child, and get lost in it”. She focuses majority of the collection about what her life is like but this piece of modern poetry really got to me as I experience anxiety and that is a huge obstacle for me so I have to learn to focus myself on the opportunities and not the obstacles like Mackenzie has said.

3 out of 5 stars.

Loveish by Sakshi Narula:

Every now and then I peruse through netgalley and look through the poetry section. I like more modern poetry rather than classic and that’s when I saw Loveish. Loveish is by Sakshi Narula and is her debut poetry collection. The poetry within this book is all about love and all of the emotions that came a long with that feeling, or whether you even feel it at all. As most relationships are, this book is a journey and takes you through the different steps of relationships with it ultimately ending with heartbreak.

One of my favourite passages of this collection is this:

“My world was black and white and all shades of grey. And then you came along and now, there are no names for the colours that fill my blue skies.” The sun goes down and there are diamonds in the sky and a huge white lamp shines bright when I look north All this light and none like you, You my love, are all the hues of magic all the colours in my black and white life Artistry and the artist, creativity and the creator Its all you, only you Love has doused my heart and mind in all the colours you stirred within my soul Crimson and Lavender and an array of Pantones I wish I could colour the stars and the moon tonight all shades of you.

For some reason it just speaks to me. Well, I mean majority of this book spoke to me and what it’s really like to be in a place of loveish. Exploring the nature of love and lust or whether you can even call it that.

Overall this poetry collection gets 4 stars from me.


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