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REVIEW: The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E Schwab

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue is the next exceptional novel by Victoria Schwab known as V.E Schwab. The invisible Life of Addie Larue follows our main character Adeline Larue who was born in the late 17th Century. Expected to marry but that is not the life that she wants for herself and so makes a deal with one of the old night gods. But making deals always comes with a price. Addie gets out of this life by trading her soul for immortality, but she doesn’t realise until too late that the cost is that no one will remember her. She can’t leave a mark on the world, hell she can’t even say her own name. She is instantly forgotten by everybody she meets and it is such a lonely life. We follow Addie as she explores the different centuries leading up to modern day and her tete a tete between her and the night god.

She has spent 300 years basically living as a ghost. But finally one day she meets somebody who remembers her. She was in a book shop, she stole a book, came back the next day and the guy knew that she stole it. It gave her a glimmer into what life could be if people truly remembered her. This is one person that she cannot walk away from but ponders on the question of why he is the only person to remember. Henry remembers and that is the most important thing in this story. Somebody can remember her. He can say her name, it’s honestly like a dream come true for her. It seems like she has found a loop hole in the her devils deal. But all is not as it seems as Henry is hiding something from her and that may be the key as to why he remembers her.

Honestly, this book is truly phenomenal. Schwab’s writing is one that I adore and will instantly grab anything that she writes as soon as it is out. Addie as a character is captivating in how she experiences live and because of that is a very lonely character. She drifts through life as a nobody with people that have no memories of her. You see her struggles when she has to continually re-introduce herself to Henry’s friends and you can see the pain that it causes her. This story is one that is captivating and spellbinding as Schwab makes you want to root for Henry and Addie but as a reader you know that there will always be obstacles in their way.

4 out of 5 stars.


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