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REVIEW: TrueLife by Jay Kristoff

TrueLife picks straight back up from the previous book Deviate. Lemon Fresh has been taken by BioMaas; Eve has been captured by Daedalus technologies along with Gabriel. Cricket and Ezekiel are essentially two seconds away from a nuclear explosion in New Bethlehem. Diesel and Grimm are on their way to try and stop the explosion and prevent the deaths of many innocents. But once it has been stopped, the gang find themselves at a crossroad, as to whether to rescue Lemon from BioMaas or rescue Eve and Gabriel (and Ana) from Daedalus technologies.

One of the many point of views that we focus on is that of Lemon Fresh. Lemon is scared that the boy that she loves has died after he headed straight for New Bethlehem in order to stop the nuclear missile because after all she does see a mushroom cloud in the sky exactly where New Bethlehem is, no wonder she doesn’t draw any other conclusions. BioMass wants to harvest her DNA to try and stop Daedalus technologies and at times we see Lemon falter about the decision to reject the idea of them doing this but she stays true to herself and remains with her decision to not let them harm anybody else including herself.

Gabriel is absolutely determined to release a virus that will stop the robots from obeying the 3 laws that they must operate by. He will stop at nothing from releasing this virus as he has gone through so much and believes that these robots must be freed and have free will to do whatever they want to do. Faith is faithful to him in the hopes that he will forget about his first love and be with her but she starts to realise that he will never do that but still wants to be with him nonetheless. Eve is also with them and the only way to go about their goal is to get in to the main frame, which means finding Anna so that she can open it.

Once again, Jay Kristoff has outdone himself with this trilogy. True Life is full of drama that is intense and has you gripping the pages of this book. Cricket as always is the light and laugh of this book with his witty and sarcastic sayings that will make you chuckle for days. TrueLife like the rest of the series deals with destruction and dystopia. It is a wild ride and has a good pay off for the last book in a trilogy. I want Kristoff to write more within this world, as it is one that I will truly miss.

4 out of 5 stars.


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