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REVIEW: War of Two Queens by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The War of Two Queens by Jennifer L Armentrout carries on from its predecessor, Crown of Gilded Bones. At the end of the previous book, Cas had been taken Prisoner by the Blood Queen, this book follows the separation between Cas and Poppy and how they will stop at nothing to be together once again.

Cas whilst being held prisoner starts to talk to his brother who is on the Queen’s side. But it is revealed that all is not as it seems and is not lost with him either. Malik eventually explains that he only stayed in league with the Queen for one reason, for one of her handmaidens, Millicent, who is eventually revealed to be somebody quite special to the plot of the book, without giving much away, this reveal was exciting and something that was totally out of left field and one that I was not expecting.

Due to the nature of the pair being split up for the majority of the book, we see this both being written from the dual perspectives of Cas and Poppy, a first for this series and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. As I have explained many times before, I have a hard time with differing point of views, however this one seemed to flow seamlessly throughout and that led me to enjoy the narrative rather than get caught up in the semantics of whose head I’m in.

Whilst being separated, Poppy must rule a kingdom that barely knows her and she it. Though she has the wolven and draken behind her, she must ask her new kingdom to trust her to fight for them and eventually get her beloved back. As Poppy and the Atlantians take back territory from the Blood Queen, she must prove to the people that she is not the Harbinger like her supposed mother has told them that she is and that she truly wants what is best for her people including to get them away from her mother.

Throughout the novel, Poppy’s powers begin to grow and grow and she must face her own battles with them whilst going through the battle against the Blood Queen. After much discourse between the two kingdoms, Poppy decides she has had enough and goes to rescue Cas. When the pair are reunited, they are very passionate towards one another. But whilst escaping, Malik is caught in the cross hairs and decides that he has to escape with them or die. He didn’t want to choose the latter obviously and as such decided to run with them. This is when it is all revealed to Poppy who Millicent is and why Malik must go back for her.

One of the most steamiest parts of this book comes when they are reunited. It is revealed that Kieran and Cas had been talking about the joining long before the topic came up to Poppy. Whilst Cas was imprisoned, Poppy and Kieran became much stronger together and he even let her feed on her. So it is to no surprise when the matter is brought back up again after Cas is back. The relationship between the three of them is built on love, trust and loyalty and even when Poppy is still unsure about doing the ceremony, there is no pressure at all from either of the two. They both love her and want her to be comfortable doing what she needs to do. Ultimately, they all come to the decision to perform the ceremony. Personally, I thought that this might be coming and it was no plot twist for me. I have seen so many people get angry at this revelation, yes this might not have been where the original story was heading but at the same time, characters take a life on of their own and if this is the way that Jennifer L Armentrout, thought these characters would go, then I am fine with that.

This book is an epic addition to the series and though I have not detailed every single twist and turn here, I need you all to read it! I loved this book and this series as a whole. I know a lot of people do not get the hype surrounding these books but put simply for me, they are easy and light reading that enthrals me. I mean it’s not light but it captures me with every word and because of that I find it easy to read.

Overall, 5 out of 5 stars.


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