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REVIEW: Paper and Hearts Society & Nexus.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Paper and Hearts Society:

Paper and Hearts Society is a cute little summer read by famous booktuber Lucy Powrie. It follows Tabby Brown who is tired of trying to fit in with everybody else. She doesn’t want to be the norm but tries to anyway. Basically it’s the trope of she isn’t like any other girls but more cute and adorable. She would rather read books than go to parties so pretty much like the whole of booktube. That’s when she finds her people, she joins a book club about celebrating books but when she thinks she is doing great, things start to go weird especially when she is an awkward little butterfly.

This book is such a cute read. I wish this was about when I was young so that I would be joining the paper and hearts society myself. All aboard the train. This is definitely targeted towards a younger audience and are meant be inspired by this movement that paper and hearts society starts. I mean they have an Austen themed fancy dress party. A little geeky I know but something 12 year old me would have enjoyed even if I hadn’t read the books just yet.

Lucy really knows how to write these characters because she herself has been there. You can see her teenage voice coming out within her writing. I couldn’t help but fall in love with these characters. I was so enthusiastic about this book when she announced it and couldn’t have waited to read it. Luckily I got an arc from netgalley and I read this in the beginning of my holiday. It was such a relaxing book and the plot moved really fast.

3 out of 5 stars.


Nexus follows on from Zenith. Androma is no longer Bloody Barooness, her ship is gone, and her crew don’t trust her and are captured. Her life is spiralling out of her control. Queen Nor is going after what she wants most, to rule the galaxy and she is getting what she wants as she does control majority of the Mirabel Galaxy. Andi and her unlikely ally Dex, will do anything to stop her.

I was so happy to receive an e arc of this book because I previously reviewed an arc of Zenith so was happy to see this through. This book wasn’t as action packed as Zenith but I still thought it was a decent read. Like the other book, it is told through multiple points of views. Like I have previously said, I don’t get on well with this because sometimes I just loose where I am or whose head I’m in. Even with a header telling me on the chapter page. To be honest, I would have liked more from this book in that the characters bonds and relationships wasn’t exactly built upon in this second book. The story was fast paced which I liked so I could fly through it but that meant that the story and plot was underdeveloped.

As many people have stated, this writing isn’t exactly the greatest and last year both Sasha and Lindsay was slated because people thought the only reason this book was popular was because of them being influencers, and I get that. I have met Sasha on multiple occasions so I was waiting to see how this would play out and to actually think that people slated her because the publishers saw that they could make money, I think that’s really sad. That being said, I do think that both books could have done with more editing and being refined in the fact that it just wasn’t enough. What I mean is that the writing was just missing something that could have made this series a lot better.

Overall, I love Sci fi and I love Sasha and Lindsay.

3 out of 5 stars.

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